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Body Care Products

Having good health starts from the inside-out. What we put in our bodies is a tremendous factor on our health. But what we put on the outside of our bodes, our skin being our largest organ, is equally important. Here are some of our favorite places to shop at that have products with clean ingredients. We have listed just some of our favorites from each place that we have tried….but skies the limit! There are so many helpful, fun products we haven’t tried yet!

Kettle Care →

Kettle Care has graced our valley for a long time and have solid, clean products with small events to sign up for, learn more about herbs in their products, and make fun things. Anagret and Klaus are beautiful souls. Our favorite things from Kettle Care are:

  • Revitalizing eye cream with rose–this is probably one of their top sellers. It is amazing.
  • Lip balms
  • Montana Men and Outdoor Essentials

Montana Pure Skin →

Michelle, owner, has put her talent to use! Not only is she a warm and loving human being, but loves to make these products clean and pure.
Our favorties are:

  • Soap–Michelle has a gift of making soap. It is the best we’ve tried on the market. They last longer than most and are amazing. She makes some of them unscented, if scents are too much for you. But if they aren’t, she has amazing smells to choose from!
  • Avocado Body Butter–leaves no oily residue. 100% favorite!
  • Shampoo bars
  • Shaving bars

Modern Roots →

Located off of LaSalle. Family owned business. We have met the family and they are committed to making the best possible products that are absolutely clean. They make any kind of skin care you can think of. Fun place to go and explore. Our top favorites are:

  • Milk Kefir Face Wash– leaves your skin feeling clean and tingly. It also does a mid exfoliation.
  • Body Lotion– Ray of Sunshine smell is our favorite.
  • 100% Soy Candles– Favorite scent–Hurricane
  • Bath Bombs– delightful scents

Clean Food & Water Resources

US Wellness Meats →

Grass Fed Meat– anything less is inflammatory to the body. Great family owned business out of Missouri. They also use other local small family farms to draw from with the same business mindset. Dr. Raish has met the owner personally, and is pleased with their ethics. All animals are free range, treated humanely, and grass fed. They also make some products that don’t have sugar in them. That can be hard to find. You can usually get a 15% off coupon each month if you look for it.

Pure Distilled Water →

The only way to get all of the forever chemicals and other contaminates that find themselves in our water supply is to use distillation.  We find this is the best way to do that, even over reverse osmosis. However, by distilling water, it does remove the minerals found in your water as well, so you will need to re-mineralize.  The benefits far out-weigh the cons.  Visit this site to learn more and if you use “the Natural path” as a coupon code for 5% off.