Why is the order important?

Each technology has profound effect on the next.  For example, charging the cells separates them, allowing oxygen absorption.  This is the immediate window of opportunity for oxygen training.  EWOT (exercise with oxygen) can be 30% more effective after PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field).  Light is then optimized because of the additional O2 in the blood plasma and cellular surface has increased (cells now repel vs. clump) creating a window of opportunity for optimal light absorption and oxygen uptake to reverse the oxidative stress and optimize ATP (energy) production.

Magnetism + Oxygen + Light


Without magnetism, oxygen and light we cannot survive. With them we are “Superhuman.” The benefits are compelling no matter if you’re 80, in a wheelchair, or a Gold Medal Olympian. Magnetism, oxygen and light created life.

When you expose the body to these powerful natural forces, in the correct order, you can restore its order.

Watch this video to learn more:


Step One

Step Two

Step Three